Get Your Thursday Night NFL Fix at Rick’s in Fort Worth


Thursday nights in the fall mean NFL games and an excuse to get out of the house and hang out with your buddies. Every sports bar you come upon will undoubtedly be showing the football game and many places will even feature scantily clad waitresses pouring ice cold beer and serving chicken wrings and barbecue.

Since the Thursday night games are a weekly occurrence, we decided to mix things up and pay a visit to the Rick’s Cabaret in west Fort Worth. Rick’s is not your typical gentleman’s club with blurry TVs practically hidden in the billowy clouds of hazy cigarette smoke that are randomly thrown up near the bar. This particular locale has been a disco club, steak house and was previously New Orleans Nights before being purchased by Rick’s and upgraded to a Las Vegas-style club complete with a hostess escorting guests to tables and the main floor. Once inside, there is a 360 degree view of HD flat-screens that are all showing the game. And yes, there are three stages with topless dancers mixed in to spice up the entertainment should the game not have you complete attention.

There is also a VIP bottle service facility level called the “Upstairs Ultra Lounge.” If I was bringing a client instead of my buddies, I would be upstairs with the list of vintage wines and champagnes to select from while we watched the game.

The vast menu ranges from Cilantro Lime Chicken, Salmon Filet and Fettuccini Pasta to Ribeye, New York Strip and a 24 oz. Porterhouse Steak to Sirloin Burgers and Chicken Tenders. Since the game was on, I opted to order from the Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich $6 Dollar Menu. The fantastic sandwich consists of a grilled boneless chicken breast which is marinated in special seasonings and served on your choice of bread.

By the time the evening ended, I could not tell you who won the game, but I can certainly recommend the excellent food and top-notch scenery inside Rick’s Cabaret.

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